Derek Goodbrand



When doing bios, I always end up writing about myself in the third person and it just doesn't feel quite right, so my wife offered to interview me to mix it up a bit:

Pernille Goodbrand: What is your name?
Derek Goodbrand: Derek Goodbrand
PG: What is your occupation?
DG: I'm a plumber by trade
PG: How long have you been doing this type of work? 
DG: I started as an apprentice plumber when I was 17, and worked for a commercial plumbing company for 13 years. I started working "creatively" with pipe in 2013.
PG: Why did you branch out? Isn't plumbing a pretty good gig?
DG: Sure, but I got a bit tired of being at the same types of sites, eating the same kind of sandwich every day, you know? I just needed to change things up and be a bit creative.
PG: So you quit your job?
DG: Yeah, and it was the right decision. I work way more now, but I love making my own schedule, making stuff, and hanging around with our shop dog.
PG: What it your favorite piece to make?
DG: The copper coat rack, no doubt!
PG: Why is that?
DG: It's by far my most challenging item to make - but also the most rewarding - it has to be just right to work.
PG: So the challenge part of the fun?
DG: For sure, it's not like I run around laughing all day, but I like to make something of quality that will last and last. A lot of people don't want another run-of-the mill piece. They want unique, custom, quality furniture, fixtures and design. They want functional, lasting pieces that fit their style and their home. I strive to make those pieces, and happy customers are my greatest accomplishment!